Mojito concert show | Csilla Szentpéteri & Zhang Yu Carolyn

Mojito concert show | Csilla Szentpéteri & Zhang Yu Carolyn

In Csilla Szentpéteri’s groundbreaking transcriptions, the elegance of timeless classics meets the playfulness of jazz , the nostalgia of blues , the joie de vivre of Latin music, and the dynamics of rock , thus giving a new essence to old tastes and the latest own compositions are also heard!

The special feature of the evening is the magical, creative visuals displayed on the LED walls , which add a new dimension to the concert experience, and which form an organic unity with the music, enlivening the emotions and stories inherent in it, following its dynamics and atmosphere.

The guest of the concert is the Chinese coloratura soprano Carolyn Zhang Yu , who is also called the “oriental lark” because of her extreme pitch. His rich repertoire includes both European and traditional Chinese melodies.

Brilliant instrument duels, sumptuous improvisations, tasteful guitar-saxophone-harmonica solos alternate with ferocious rhythms in a concert that is both classical and progressive, high-quality and fun, a perfect experience for all ages!

They contribute:

Csilla Szentpéteri – piano
Zsolt Derzsi – guitar
Péter Kuzbelt – saxophone
Tamás Szabó – harmonica
Viktor Hárs – bass, double bass
András Kaboldy – bass, guitar
Guszty Perger – percussion
Norbert Kovács – drums

The concert lasts approx. 120 minutes

Record signing at the end of the concert!