Silent Night | Carolyn & students | Christmas 2020

Silent Night | Carolyn & students | Christmas 2020

Merry Christmas all friends. Wish you a happy day with your beloved ones and wish you all the best.


This video was made during the quarantine with the participation of students from the University of Szeged, Hungary. Due to the pandemic the singers of this music were thousands of kilometers away from Szeged University, Faculty of Art.

Zhang Yu Carolyn from Budapest 175 km

Zhang Yang from Zhu Hai 8711 km

Yan Ao Xue from Bao Ding 7359km

Guo Youjing from Cheng Du 7161

kmDong Meichen from Shenyang 8189km

Yuan Jiayu from wei fang 7876km

Shen Yeqin from Hangzhou 8096km

Ye Shanshan from Xi‘An 9312km

Wen cheng from Liu Zhou 7809Km

Ramóna Miskolczi from Debrecen 225 km